January 18 astrology eclipse

January 18 – 24

You may still have some worries, fears, or concerns about your health or some big things you are doing at work for your job, but try not to think of those for right now. Instead, focus on what you can do to bring more happiness and enjoyment in your life, even if it means doing something new or different.

A lot is going on internally for you to overcome the past and get right with yourself, and that could feel daunting. After all, you just want to have fun, pursue more romance, or see an important passion project take off.

But before that can happen, you must figure out what you need to do to be more at peace. It may involve you making a significant change with your relationships, moving homes, or adjusting your emotions to accommodate different circumstances. All you need to do is feel into it, and focus on creating the things that make you happy, and the rest will come. You may feel unsettled in this process as many things around you change, but if you communicate clearly about your needs, your work, and your daily routines, things should become easier.

Be the leader that you are meant to be in your career, but also steer your life in a new direction you enjoy. It could be difficult to communicate about what you feel, desire, or need in a more lighthearted sense, but if you let other people in on what you are thinking, it should all work out. You have lots of support to make the things you enjoy manifest. It is possible a new financial opportunity could also appear.

It is time to get carried away with a new passion or project, or to finally embark on a new trip or course of study that you really do enjoy! You could be worried about your finances, or if you have what it takes to do this new thing.

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But know that you will have what you need when you need it. Your sense of home and your personal identity is expanding to include new things. A move may also be in store. Change is the name of the game. That could feel difficult when you are trying your best to commit to a new self or sense of identity and get your own life in order. But some adjustments need to be made! And issues with money and relationships must be addressed too. Conversations about the past or what you are feeling inside will be necessary to help you move on and be happy.

Let yourself enjoy some time with the important people in your life or a few key relationships. There could be some emotional things emotionally or the past weighing on you, but it might help to put some of those things aside for now or to think about them differently. Other people can help you to envision a new future yourself, meet new friends, and commit to some new goals you feel more confident about.

Use this full moon lunar eclipse to have some fun at your job or do some serious self-care!


That could feel a little opposite of your goals in life at the moment, but it can help to make the journey to your dreams achieved, much easier. You, too, should have some good luck in your career and put your life in the direction you desire. Why Are Libras so Pretty? The grist for the mill today comes from being able to release that which you no longer need without forcing anything.

Intuitive Astrology: Super Blood Moon Eclipse January 12222

Going slow is okay. While the sun has moved one degree of the south node, it continues to square Uranus, the planet of change. Revolutionary Uranus asks you to embrace your freedom. The next seven weeks are the final weeks of change-making Uranus in get-it-started-Aries for 84 years. Warning: Today is not the day to push yourself hard in a kickboxing class, or over exert yourself in any way while working out. Astrologically speaking, today beckons respect.

Hold on tight. Today might feel like a wild ride.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Warning: Do not let the emotional intensity of the day push you to binge drink tonight. A wicked hangover will rob you of your ability to take advantage of the growth opportunity the weekend presents. No doubt, sugar cravings will feel intense—remember the microbiome is comprised of bacteria.

The moon travels in Cancer today, calling you to come home to yourself, and possibly even to stay home all weekend. Are you not feeling like your home is cozy? Put the angsty astrological energy to good use and take the lead from best-selling author and now Netflix star Marie Kondo , and declutter your home. With the intense week now giving way to some unstructured free time, you might want to invest an hour or two making sure your home sparks joy.

January 12222 Eclipse Astrology

Are you already living in a high-vibe abode? Bust out your sage or your essential oils and imbue your atmosphere with a bit more love. Prepare for it now. Then get ready. In addition to bringing lessons learned during the previous two years full circle, this eclipse also wraps up a year journey, marking a significant turning point. Eastern on January 21, this full moon total lunar eclipse brings a massive crescendo tonight. Since Uranus the planet of change and ruler of Aquarius squares the node of fate and this eclipse, we can expect the events surrounding this eclipse to feel like they are igniting the deepest essence of authenticity within.

Even though this is a north node eclipse, meaning it brings us closer to our destiny, it also connotes endings as well. To understand how this impacts you on an individual level, I recommend scheduling a reading with a credible astrologer. Stay humble.

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Honor your mistakes, and your growth freedom hangs in the balance. And breathe. Prioritize sobriety this weekend. Take time alone.

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january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse
january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse
january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse
january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse
january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse
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january 18 astrology eclipse January 18 astrology eclipse

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