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Keep your mind open to try new things as you just may be surprised at how creative he can be. He has no problem being the domestic guy who cooks, cleans, takes care of the bills, and brings home most of the finances. Make sure you keep your eyes on some goals. It shows lack of respect and integrity where he is concerned. Having yourself together but letting him be the primary nurturer will make him thrive.

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Sharing goals together or discussing what the future may hold will be a conversation that is likely to happen often with the Capricorn man. Of course, if the woman would be into the same type of business; that would be nice too. If you are looking for the type of guy that can pull this off; Capricorn is your guy. His partner will need to be able to run with this and optimize the success of the business.

What Are People Born under the Sign of Capricorn like?

If not for business, the right partner will have to be considerate for everything he does for the relationship and for the success of the future he and his lady love may have together. He wants to be recognized for all that he does for his partner as well as all the hard work he puts in to make sure that everything will run well for the road ahead.

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  • I mentioned security and stability but there is also the loyalty factor. It all sort of goes hand in hand really.

    Capricorn Personality Traits

    Capricorn men are one of the more responsible signs of the zodiac. They see life as serious business that has to be constantly worked at.

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    • He will see the relationship as being this way as well. If you land a Capricorn man then you are truly lucky. Not all women can find a man that is so responsible and is an excellent husband, as well as father to their future children.

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      This is the guy that will give you all you could wish for. He'll go out of his way to make you feel loved and needed. A Capricorn man is very faithful and dependable. His soft spot is his family and building a home with you will be of extreme importance to him.

      He'll spend a lot of time planning and talking about your future together. Your dates will be meticulously planned and implemented, they will have his personal touch, but they won't be extravagant. A Capricorn man might be too conservative to lavish you with gifts, but he will lavish you with attention. A Capricorn man likes to be the dominant one in a relationship, but he respects women.

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      He loves women who are smart, sassy, fun, independent, intelligent and speak their mind in a soft, classy, feminine way. A Capricorn man will be offended if you disrespect or embarrass him by correcting or contradicting him in public. But he's perfectly willing to listen to your criticism in private if it's given in a logical and gentle manner. A Capricorn is concerned about the way others perceive him, wants to convey an image of a successful man and will expect you to look your best. When dating a Capricorn man, make sure you've dressed appropriately for the occasion.

      He'll expect you to know what's socially acceptable.