Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison

Limited quantity available. So be the first have this sweet, new autumn energie before they are gone! Swipe left to peep. The sixofwands from the earth-toned and exquisite africanamericantarot by Jamal R. Wands rep fire, creativity and what one is passionate about. Take a risk. Buy a lion. No content yet. Share 58 2. Share 8. Share 42 1. Palm Springs, California. Share 59 3. Rick's Restaurant. Share 50 5. Everything you ever wanted to know about Leo and probably more. We will also be talking about the soul-centered aspects of Leo, and of course there's a guided meditatoin for embodied health!

Then, we will be honoring the life of our Final Two Leo Queens. So the followers on the instagram account for this show, narrowed 16 Leo Queens, down to our Final 2. Our final 2 Queens, we have the great Viola Davis Who is our Leo Queen? You will find out today! And then to round this dynamic episode off, we have the wonderful opportunity to sit down with three incredible Leo women, for our Leo Panel. On the panel we have Alyson Thompson, who is the founder of Mixed Feelings a meet up for mixed folks in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you for being here as always cousins! I am so excited to be here with you all, as always, but particularly this week because it is the finale of Season 3.

So we are growing here together. We are going to first just kinda touch base about the current transits, and also what the next 6 weeks has in store for us, because it is Mercury Retrograde. And so if you are newer to the show, Mercury Retrograde marks the end of a season here on this podcast. Which is why today is the finale, because mercury goes retrograde next wednsday. July Then second, we are looking at our final 2 cancer queens birth charts. She is a cancer sun- taurus moon- Leo rising.

And then, we are gonna honor the life of and look at the birth chart of Princess Diana. She is a cancer sun- Aquarius moon- sagittarius rising. And so even just by looking at their triple tier, we can really feel how differently their flavor of cancer is expressed. So beautiful. And my heart literally melts when I think about the conversation and dialogue we created. And so, just by these slight introductions, you can probably already sense that our conversations revolve around some deeply personal and healing topics.

Eclipse season is upon us! So we have an exciting episode today. We are diving into understanding the archetype of cancer, we will be talking about this new moon cancer solar eclipse. Happy July. Then, I am offering you a guided meditation for embodied health that is connected to astrology and ancestral healing, offering of love and forgiveness, clearing out spiritual debris within our karmic and ancestry line, which is part of the soul-centered cancer. I also introduce the idea of the pearl being a symbol for the soul-centered cancer. So yes, you can look at and study the birth chart of entities as well.

Events, collective energy, anniversaries, partnerships, all of that, so I explain what it is like to do a reading for something that is non-human as well, and then, we will look at some history, which is very cancer and honor the United States by looking at her birth chart. And then finally, we round this episode off chatting it up with inspiring cancer sun, pisces moon, taurus rising, Kelsey Bee of Deep Sea Astrology. Sun is in Princess Diana. And the moon is in Michelle Obama.

And so we talk about this Full Moon in Capricorn Energy, and in addition we explore the polar energy of Cancer-Capricorn. How Cancer allowing themselves to leave their shell for the qualities of Capricorn brings this crab from a hard shell to a beautiful cherished pearl. Cyndi is serving us all kinds of cancer feels with four planets in this emotionally crabby, yet nurturing sign. So we look at her birth chart, honor her life, and talk about her triple tier Cancer Sun-Scorpio Moon- and Aquarius Rising, and how that has manifested through her life and work.

If you aren't familiar with her artwork and tarot deck please check her out. I forgot to announce this at the beginning of the episode, so please send her love and go follow her! And how this is a wonderful invitation to deepen our connection to ourself and spirit, but also how this energy could make us feel a bit more depressed or tend towards escapism at this time. We also go deep in on depression. Viewing it through the lens of the chakra system and how it may manifests through the different zodiacal signs of astrology.

And we have 13 special guests on the show today. One person for each astrological sign, and a representative for saturn return.

Sagittarius November 2019 Astro ★ Tarot Forecast - Happy New Moon on 11/26!

And they will talk briefly about their experience with depression and what they have done to move through it. He is a cancer sun, with a sagittarius north node and he traveled the world building bridges with other cultures through food, but he also struggled with profound loneliness and depression. And then we also sit down and go deep into the waters of Cancer with my soul-sister Katie Watkins atltopdx.

In our conversation, we cover many deep topics around depression and Cancer. Oh and i announce the 16 new queens for the "Queen of Cancer! We narrowed down 16 queens to our final two.

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So we have the fairy godmother of rock n roll Stevie Nicks heading up against the legendary blonde-bombshell Marilyn Monroe. And to round it all off, there is an easy breezy Gemini panel, with 4 super rad gemini's. You can show them support on their gofund me. You can book a reading here. I have 4-day astro soul retreat coming up at the end of July in upstate New York this summer. During the retreat you will learn how you can use astrology with the chakra system, tarot, and yoga to enhance your healing practices.

And so there is a patreon account for the show. This past week, we had 4 new patreon contributors. Happy Gemini New Moon Cousins! We have an exciting episode as always. Then we will talk about the Queen of Gemini bracket, which we are down to the final 4 queens. Then, we look at the life and birth chart the great legend Josephine baker. Josephine baker was the first person of color to become a world-wide entertainer and to star in a major motion picture. Don't forget to rate, subscribe, comment, and follow! Thanks for the support! This episode we go into a deep dive of Understanding Gemini.

We discuss Gemini as the "paperboy" deliving life's messages, we talk about it's polarization to Sagittarius, and how this activates it's soul-centered attributes of being the Divine Messenger. Then we honor the life of Judy Garland, and how her first prominent role as 'Dorothy' is so profound as a symbol of Gemini through her innocence, intelligence, and curiosity.

Dorothy is open with wide eyed wonderment, the girl next door Gemini but she is subconsciously drawn to life beyond the rainbow and because of this desire for expansion she is propelled to a far off land Sagittarius Moon where she is exploring new friends in a playful way Gemini but coming into contact with a new world view Sag moon. The lost little girl in a far off land trying to find her way home.

This character is a metaphor for Judy Garland's entire life, and we go into this and more, on this incredible chart analysis of Judy Garland! In this conversation we cover so many fresh topics including dialogue around: decolonization, cultural appropriation, being non-binary, reclaiming power as a queer, angels and fairies, synchronicities, psychic powers, the polarization of Gemini and Sagittarius, mutable energy, how to restructure your life as an artist, somatic therapy, balancing ambition with receptivity, and of course, who their pick is for QUEEN OF GEMINI!!!!

Such an incredible conversation! And as I sat down to write out some notes from this show, a bird flew in the window of my home. I talk about this, and how it's a message for us all this Gemini Season. There's a mini-gemini meditation, and we talk about how to work with this energy over the coming month. To learn more about that, click here. I launched my patreon account. If you enjoy your time listening to this show, please consider donating. And I could definitely use the support. I also offer astrology readings. Check it out.

And get into the Queen of Gemini on instagram, by following the insta for this show cosmic. And please rate, review, subscribe, and leave comments! Have a great week! When Uranus enters a new sign, it indicates transformational shifts in our lives, both in our individual lives and on a collective scale. Also, on this episode, the first ever Cosmic Cousins: "Queen of Taurus" is crowned! Anyways, we look at both of their charts and honor both of these great legends on this episode! But you will have to wait until after the Taurus panel to hear who wins!!! On our taurus panel, we have three earthy cosmic cousins, Jordyn, a hedgewitch, herbalist, and tarot reader from Forida.

We have Michael, a composer, avid gardener, and astrologer from Los Angeles, and incredible spoken word poet, performer, and permaculture enthusiast, Jasper from Amsterdam. On this panel we listen to ""Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. It's a long panel discussion, and we joked that Taurus like things to linger. A lot has happened since we last hung out. But sometimes volcanoes erupt and files become corrupt. The first part of the episode we honor the earthquakes and volcano activity on the Big Island of Hawaii that has displaced many people, by exploring and honoring Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, and how we can utilize one of her fables to work with our emotions and volatile and destructive energy in our life.

I also share my favorite Rumi poem that is related to this! And then we explore the I. And how that is also connected to your mother! And then we sit down and have an incredible powerful talk with Taurus Sun, Tirrell Cherry, a soul-cycle instructor and motivational youtube personality based in San Fransico. We even get to listen to an 8 minute Law of Attraction lesson from Tirrell, that is super in alignment with the energy of the Taurus New Moon, which is this Tuesday coming up, May Love you cousins!

Welcome back to another week of soul-centered astrology. I am so sorry about that. Then, we explore an overview of the current transits and your need-to-know for the week ahead. We also honor the energy of Taurus by doing a deep dive into this Venus-ruled archetype. We talk about everything you need to know about the evolution of the soul-centered Taurus, including going into the underworld.

Then, we honor the life and celebrate the solar return May 4 of the incredible humanitarian and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. And then to round this very elegant episode off, we get the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the incredible musician and reiki master, Erika Spring. Their moon and risings are swapped, but yeh Erika is mad chill and super sweet and down-to-earth. We also listen to three or Erika's songs, that I think are perfect for a spring-time anthem!

It is by sister astrologer and incredible human etshipley the foudner of Tack Healing Arts. She offers incredible soul-centred astrological updates that I think would definitely resonate with you all! I hope you enjoy cousins. Check out my offerings at astrologycousins. First up on this sensual Taurus episode, we have a mini intro to understanding Taurus. But because the Scorpio Full Moon is this week, on Sunday, April 29, we mainly will be exploring how Scorpio is a polar energy to Taurus. We talk about what the full moon invites us into over the coming week.

And focus on the soul-centered aspect of the balance between Taurus and Scorpio. And then to round this sensual episode off, we get a chance to talk to Adriana Rizzolo.

Again as always, I am a soul-centered astrologer, and I offer readings and private lessons. We have an incredible episode for you this week. And then the second part of this episode we honor the life of the great legend, Selena, the famous Tejano singer. To check out her birth chart, goto astrology. And then to round this episode off, we have a steamy Aries panel, with three bad ass Aries women: Georgia Marcantoni, a holistic interior designer who uses astrology in her practice; Peyton Sandler, an akashic records practitioner fairy school teacher who was recently interview by Vogue; and Naama Noach, a radical film maker from Tel Aviv who is new to the astrology world.

In this panel, we go over what Aries needs in a relationship, the physicality and sexuality of Aries, as well as the soul-centered higher octave of activating from a place of compassion as a Love Warrior. So each month, in your e-mail, I will share with you the 3 most profound transits based off of your Birth Chart, and provide you tools for embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

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And you can sign up by clicking this link. So if you wanted to try it out, and see if it resonates with you, then check it out. So Happy New Year! Happy Equinox! And Happy Aries Season. For the season finale, we first start off touching base with the theme for Season 2, Saturn in Capricorn, and how that influences this Aries Season, as Aries Ruling Planet Mars is also in the productive and resourceful Capricorn. We will talk bout what transits will be happening over the coming weeks, including Full Moon in Libra and Venus entering Taurus.

And of course, we all know, Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow, Thursday March Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou is beyond an inspiration as a living embodiment of the pioneering energy of an Aries Sun. Her birth chart is an incredible representation of this, so I can not wait to get into the astrology components of her life.

We also enjoy two hot tracks by Zac. All of this and more! Because this show is intended for you to carve out time to be with yourself, through some guided meditation, to learn about and be inspired by the life of someone who is ushering in the New Age with their radical offerings, and then to create dialogue with other Cosmic Cousins who vibe with this astrology vocabulary. So all of that and more! I had originally said the this was gonna be the season finale.

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But I have exciting news, even though this is a 2. A few updates from me Yes, I have lots of names, because I have lots of offerings and projects. One of the offerings I am most excited about is my one-on-one mentorship program. This is a week mentorship program in which we will dive deep into astrology.


Each week we will gather through the lens of an astrological sign, going from Aries to pisces. I also have another offering I am super excited about, for those looking for more of a group therapy vibe format. Which is a group that meets online twice a month, for a total of 24 gatherings. This starts in April and goes all the way until March of I also offer private Astro soul. Then, for deeper study, we will look at the ruling planet for pisces, the great and mysterious Neptune. Anais Nin is a famous novelist, and writer of short stories and erotica, and she has helped inspire confidence in the expression of emotionality, femininity, and sexuality through written word.

We'll listen to some clips of her work and interviews. Too perfect. She sheds some incredible light to the multi-dimensional nature of Pisces, she shares tips on how to cleanse the aura and ground the energy as a Pisces, and then we talk what life is like growing up as one of four siblings in a family with a Double Taurus Mother. These study sessions will be remotely over video chat online, so they are available no matter where in the world you are.

I have room to work with four different individuals who feels the call to deepen their practice.

So to find out more, visit astrologycousins. That's why i wrote numerology for relationships, as it helps the reader absorb the true essence of their personal birth number very quickly. Personal month numerology reading. Find out your own sun, moon and rising signs-- or anyone else's. These are the fortunate ones because you have so much to give. The demons will never get into the heavens. Well i definitely liked reading it.

Karmic saturn enters sagittarius again on september 17 and this time isn't going anywhere until late

Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison
Sagittarius december 2019 horoscope audrey alison

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