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What Are Astrological Progressions?

We can also use the Naibod method of progressing the Midheaven. The positions of the planets on that day are your current progressed positions.

But how can we apply that idea to the four Angles? Every sign rises once every day, in other words. So technically, by this method of progression, each year would see the four Angles make a complete circuit of your chart. This is actually a legitimate method of calculating progressions.

Secondary Progressions

It is called Daily Houses. But these Angles have a quick, triggering effect, like the transits of the inner planets. We tend not to use them in more evolutionary, thematic kinds of astrology. This section your progressed chart reading, looks looks at your progressed Moon.

An Introduction to Secondary Progressions

The background theme of a person's life can be seen when the progressed Moon changes sign and house. Aspects of the progressed Moon can also be important in the timing of events.

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Some astrologers consider that the Moon lends its light as it aspects other points in the Natal Chart. Hence a point's importance is highlighted when aspected by the progressed Moon. The progressed Moon is the most important point because it is the only one that progresses through the entire zodiac during the course of a person's life. This section of your progressed natal chart, looks at your progressed Sun which moves slowly through the signs and houses of a Natal Chart.

Unlike the Moon, the Sun will not progress through the entire zodiac.

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As such its significance is highlighted mainly when the sign or house changes. It is important to note these changes.

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  8. Aspects of the progressed Sun can also be important in showing themes in a person's life. This section of your progressed birth chart, looks at your progressed inner planets which moves slowly through the signs and houses of a natal chart.

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    Another important feature of the progressed chart is that planets that were retrograde when you were born may station direct by progression or vice versa which can also have a noticeable effect. I knew one client who has Mars retrograde in his natal chart and had been a victim of physical abuse while he was growing up. When he was 16, Mars stationed direct by progression and at that time he finally stood up to his father and the abuse stopped.

    Progressed charts are not only a tool for determining changes in your personality and view of the world as you grow older, but can also be used in predictive astrology.

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    Transits affect the Progressed Chart as well as the Natal Chart. The Progressed Chart and other factors, such as Transits and Lunations, will simply help pin down the time that it occurs. Aspects are read in a similar manner to those on a Natal Chart with reports available for the interpretations.

    The Progressed Composite Chart- What It Is

    Another chart that changes with time is the Solar Return Chart. This chart is cast based on when the Sun returns to its exact same position when you were born, which will be right around your birthday. The actual date may vary a day one way or the other and of course the other planets are in different positions. This chart provides a very accurate view of what you might expect in the coming year with an approximate three month overlap at the beginning and end. This means you might start seeing the next year's theme come into events in your life starting three months prior to your birthday and it may take approximately three months for the previous year to fade.

    Progressed chart

    The Progressed Chart addressed your personal progression and character development whereas the Solar Return chart is more directed at events and interactions to expect with others in the year to come. Retrograde planets, especially Mercury, can have a strong bearing in your solar return chart, often indicating a year when you will be finishing up old projects you'd procrastinated or set aside or perhaps conducting lots of repairs. Some have reported have a difficult time making progress under those conditions.

    Timing of events in your solar return is determined by the Sun transiting the chart and contacting the various aspects, which activates them. Order a Progressed Chart and Report.

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